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Hands On Classes

For the 2017 Hands On classes and upcoming classes call us or send an email for more information.

Thank you, Lazze

Lazze's Hands On Courses in Pleasanton, CA
The Hands on Classes in Metal Shaping started 1996 in Sweden, and about 1,000 students from Europe have taken the classes before Lazze moved to USA 2005 and California. Totally it's now around 1700 people from many different states and from many countries that had attend the classes.

  • We have Hands-on Courses, Step 1, 2 and 3
  • Video on many DVD's
  • We have Instruction Manual books that shows you Step by Step how you can master the art of metal shaping.

As you can see we offer different packages of Metal Shaping instructions, so you can choose which one that fits you best.

Make sure what this is all about first before you begin the process:

What you can do to a sheet is four elements:

  • You can cut
  • You can bend
  • You can Shrink
  • You can stretch

That's all you can do, and when you understand what happen when you using one or more of those four elements in a combination you can control a flat piece of sheet metal and create anything you want and that's what we really teaching you, it doesn't matter if we making a motor cycle fender or a 32 Roadster body or a 41' Willys in Aluminum it's all up in your mind.

Of course the Hands on class is always the best way to learn metal Shaping, no doubt about that, but with the new technology on Internet it's now possible to learn LAZZE's Metal Shaping technique over the internet. We making DVD-videos, Instruction manuals books, Blueprints with the layouts and templets with instructions so good so it's almost like a Hands On class step by step How to do it. and that's our main Goal for our education.

Pick the education program that fits you best, Sign up now, it's your future you're holding in your hands!

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