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Vimeo Video On Demand Metal Shaping Classes

Metalshaping Video on Demand

Good News!  "Video on Demand" is now available!

I've always wanted to make my Metal Shaping technique available for people all over the world and little by little I have done that, but it's impossible for me to teach everybody hands on. I've wanted to spread my knowledge to people all over the world but the technology wasn't there until now. Just recently a new platform was introduced that makes it possible and I'm excited to be able to spread my knowledge even more to people all over the world.

Over the years I have heard from lots of people all over the world that would love to take a Hands On Class and learn my Metal Shaping Technique but they can't afford it with the cost for the class, Hotel, Rental Car, Air tickets and time off from work, etc. It really starts adding up! Another thing is that the Hands On Classes have limited space each year, so not everybody can get in.  Some in this years class have been waiting for 2 years to get in and I felt that I must do something to help people have faster access to these classes.

We have been working for several months to bring you "Video On Demand" through Vimeo.  All 9 of my DVD's are now uploaded and available to watch on Vimeo. This means that in a few minutes everyone worldwide can have access to my videos online at any time and learn metal shaping from your home. You can either rent each video for 30 Days (it's less than $1/day) or you can buy it and watch it forever. The videos can be watched over and over as many times as you want, and as you know, to be good at anything in life you must do it many times, so this is a huge advantage with videos!

Compare to Hands On Classes: 

  • No cost for airfare/transportation
  • No hotel  
  • No rental car
  • No time off from work or school
  • A BIG savings for people who want to learn my techniques!

My Goal for 2018 is to upload more videos on Vimeo so people can continue to learn my Secrets in Metal Shaping! Future projects will include videos covering making a car body from scratch, piece by piece, step by step like the step 2 class. First out will be a 33-34 Ford 3W Coupe and a 33 Roadster body, that will probably be enough for 2018 but I have more projects in mind to do.

So check out our new Video on Demand on Vimeo - The New Way to learn the Lazze's Secrets in Metal shaping! I'm looking forward to this New way to teach you Metal Shaping.

Best Regards,


Click Here to start viewing and learning metal shaping with master metal shaper Lazze today!

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