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DVD Video, LAZZE Car Body Series

DVD Video, LAZZE Car Body Series

LAZZE's Car Body Series, Ford 33 3W Coupe from scratch.

In this NEW Video series Lazze teaching you how to build a '33-'34 Ford 3W Coupe from flat sheet.
Those are the first DVD's in a serie of probably 15-20 DVD's to complete the whole body.

Lazze going to make each panel when we filming and put that on DVD, some DVD's include 1 panel and others will include 2 panels.
When all the panels are done Lazze going to film the process to put all the parts together to a complete body and that will be on DVD's as well.

Lazze wants to show you everything so it will Not be any shorts cuts where things can be hidden.

The whole process will take a while but we going to make more DVD as fast as we can because we know people waiting for this unique way to make a car body.

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