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Dear Lazze,

After two years and four semesters, I’ve come to the conclusion that the degree of skills you possess is utterly amazing! Your understanding of the fine characteristics of the amazing process of metal forming is unbelievable. You have taken this understanding and perfected some amazing metal forming equipment.
I myself had general understanding of forming and using metal forming equipment, but at your school you started with the general safety equipment and then it was “hands-on time”.

I always thought that the “bag of potatoes” theory was the best way to start; your process of forming is much faster and precise. Making accurate patterns and patterns for corrections, my students finish class at the end of the semester with a true feeling of accomplishment. They develop skills that make them feel successful and they develop an attitude of “I can’t believe I made this – and yes, I can make my own parts”.
The one-on-one instructions are extremely rewarding and for al the help you have given me, and therefore my students, I thank you.

Edward Swopes – Mt. San Antonio

I've always been interested in making some of my own body panels and miscellaneous items for my hot rods. At the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky I visited Lazze's booth met him and came away with a very positive feeling. I decided to sign up for the Step One class the following September even though I was in my late 50's. Lazze's class provided hands on learning and instilled self-confidence in his students.

His outgoing positive personality created a comfortable environment. After the comfort level I achieved in Step One, I choose to attend the Step Two course and was overwhelmed with what I learned in the two classes. Today I am making metal pieces/panels for myself and friends with hot rods and airplanes. I highly recommend anyone interested in metal fabrication pursue these classes. You will not only learn to create with metal, but will walk away with an increased sense of self-esteem to follow your dreams.

Thanks, Phil Becker - Illinois

Lazze is a truly gifted instructor. His ability to impart his knowledge and experience in metal shaping by his unique hands-on style and innovative techniques is truly a rewarding and inspirational experience. Training on equipment of Lazze's own design and manufacture is a fabricator's dream.

Carl Olsson, Coporopolice, CA
Lazze Metal Shaping student


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