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Twin Shrink/Stretch Hand operated

From Lazze Inc.

On those Twin shrink/stretcher hand operated Lazze have spent about 1 hour on those when they came from the Factory and done his personal fine tuning on them, now they work much better and is a great tool to have.
Foot operated is to prefer.
This small shrinker/stretcher do a great job, it's acctually a "Hobby" tool , but with some adjustments and fine tuning they works great.
Those small shrinker / stretcher Lazze using alot for smaller templets, small 90 degrees angles, they work great for that, if you need to reach in feather the shrinker/stretcher Pro is the way to go.


  • Steel up to 16 gauge
  • Panel width up to 50 mm / 2" 
  • Will shape and bend with as small a radius as 25 mm / 1" on 19G = 1mm, Not on 16G.
  • Works great on Cold roll steel, AKDQ mtrl. Aluminum and other soft materials.
  • Jaws made of hardened tool steel for best longevity.

Made by Lancaster in USA, modified by LAZZE.

  • Two heads
  • Depth in jaws = 1".
  • Height 1120 mm / 44"
  • Width 160 mm / 6"
  • Depth 770 mm / 30"
  • 1-Year Warranty

Not recommened on Stainless steel .

 Only  $395.00
SKU: 13-102
Twin Shrink/stretch Hand operated
/ Pair
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