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Twin Shrink/Stretch w 2/stands

From Lazze Inc.

Twin shrink/stretcher foot operated works so much better than a hand operated, better control with both hands hold the panel.
This small shrinker/stretcher do a great job, it's acctually a "Hobby" tool , but with some adjustments and fine tuning they works great. The stands are designed by Lazze.
With the foot stand models, you can work with both hands free and hold the panel and you can also apply a higher pressure with your foot. It’s a whole different tool from the hand operated!
Those small shrinker / stretcher I'm using alot for smaller templets, small 90 degrees angles, they work great for that, if you need to reach in feather the shrinker/stretcher Pro is the way to go.


  • Steel up to 16 gauge
  • Panel width up to 50 mm / 2"
  • Will shape and bend with as small a radius as 25 mm / 1" on 19G = 1mm, Not on 16G.
  • Works great on Cold roll steel, AKDQ mtrl. Aluminum and other soft materials.
  • Jaws made of hardened tool steel for best longevity.
  • Two Heads with two stands:
  • Depth in jaws = 1".
  • 1-Year Warranty

Not recommend for Stainless steel.

Heads made by Lancaster in USA, modified by LAZZE, stands made by LAZZE


 Only  $1,259.00
SKU: 13-104
Twin Shrink/stretcher
/ Pair
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