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Clips for the Clecos with 2 holes. Works with 1/8" Clecos

From Lazze Inc.

Clips with 2 holes works together with 1/8" Clecos
Comes in 20/set, In stock again.

Those small clips are very useful when you building especially something in sheet metal aluminum.
To hold panels together with Vise grips or similar is impossible when you build  a car body or airplane, but with those small clips you can put together a hole car with those and the clecos and take all the parts apart again if you want.
The only thing you need to do is weld the holes but that is easy to do.

Clecos NOT included.

 Only  $22.00
SKU: 14-106
OUT OF STOCK ,Clips for the Clecos with 2 holes. 20
/ Set

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