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LAZZE's First Gen. Unique Bead roller

Designed by Lazze Inc.

Better quality jobs and time saver is what we offer you. This machine is especially designed to meet your needs to produce the beads you want in a short time and very good quality.


  • Max. working depth: 18” 450 mm
  • Extra adjustment of the upper shaft: 1-1/2" = 38mm in and out. 
  • Max thickness: Gauge 18, 1.25 mm cold roll steel, 0.50 thousand, 2 mm Alu
  • The Bead roller comes with 12 pairs of the most common dies that will give you thousands of different profiles.
  • Totally we have over 32 pairs of dies available.Construction in heavy gauge steel.
  • Has variable speed from 0 to 17 rpm, forward and back ratio with a foot pedal, Quality Baldor 1/2 Hp motor and gearbox.
  • Comes with a 150 Page Instruction Manual book how to use the bead roller, which has over 248 different combinations of dies from 20 pairs, totally we offer 32 different pairs and 7 single dies.
  • 1-Year Warranty.
 Only  $5,249.00
SKU: 13-106
Bead Roller
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