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LAZZE's Big Set of Equipment/tools

From Lazze Inc.

Big Set of equipment/tools includes the following items;

  • Lazze Wheeling Machine (includes 6 different wheels) $ 5,249.00
  • Lazze Bead Roller,First generation.110V 60 Hz, Variable speed 0.1 - 16.6 RPM, (w/ 12 pair of rolls standard) Can be set for either 110V or 220V, 60Hz or 50Hz. $ 5,249.00 
  • Lazze Shrinker/Stretcher Deep Throat 5-1/2" (one head, two pair of jaws on one stand)
    $ 3,499.00
  • Lazze Shrinker and Stretcher Workstation (two heads and two stands) $ 1,259.00 dollar
    Total: $15256.00 Plus Shipping
  • 1-Year Warranty

    Beadroller Book $185.00 extra Discount

    With this Set of Equipment/Tools and the Step 1 Hands On class education in metal shaping you can start your own metal fabrication shop.

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