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LAZZE's 2nd Gen. 3rd Axis Bead Roller

From Lazze Inc.

NEW Product !

Here is Lazze's Second generation Bead Roller, a machine that he had in his mind for many years.
It has a bigger "gap" between the shafts so it's possible to reach in with for an example a fender, 1/2 side of a motor cycle tank and put beads on or make flames.
The upper shaft is also adjustable 2" in and out which means even more oppertunites to mix match different dies together and create even more profiles on a sheet or panel.
It has a 3rd axel 90 degrees to the others as a support in front of the ordinary dies.
The 3rd axel can be adjusted in and out  and the adjustments up and down and the angle can be adjusted when the machine running.
The 3rd axel is not driven but it has the same shaft diam so all the dies that we using normally will fit the 3rd axel.
The 3rd axel can be used as a support together with the normal guide as well.

Patent Pending


  • Max. working depth: 23" 585 mm
  • Extra adjustment of the upper shaft: 2.0" = 50.8mm in and out.
  • Max thickness: Gauge 18, 1.25 mm cold roll steel, 0.50 thousand, 2 mm Alu 
  • Has variable speed from 0 to 17 rpm, forward and back ratio with a foot pedal, Quality Baldor 1/2 Hp motor and gearbox.
  • Comes with 12 pairs of the most common dies, gives you thousands of different profiles.
  • Comes with a 150 Page Instruction Manual Book.
  • 1-Year Warranty.

Totally we have over 32 pairs of dies available.Construction in heavy gauge steel.
In the150 Page Instruction Manual book how to use the bead roller, we have over 248 different combinations of dies from 20 pairs, which will give you over 6000 different profiles.
Totally we offer 32 different pairs and 7 single dies. 

Designed and Mfg by LAZZE.

 Only  $6,999.00
SKU: 13-153
LAZZE 2nd Gen Bead Roller. Call for Delivery time
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