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Step 3 (Your Project)

From Lazze Inc.

Step 3 class: is more what people have a demand for, and over the years people asked for making their own car body and take it home after the 5 days class, so I'm working on that and I'll see what I can come up with. If we do something like that it allows us to have only 2 students each class and it must be a smaller Car body, like a 32' roadster pickup Cab, so one person can make that in 5 days and take it home.

It can also be a step 3 class where a person bring in a project, like a fender, doors hood or anything smaller, "Not a whole car body", and work on that for a few days under my instructions. $450.00/day, Call for more information.

These are the techniques which made it possible for students to make endless of different parts and also to copy and build a car body in steel or aluminum in the Step-2 Classes. Cars that have been built by students are AC-Cobras, Willys 41', Ford 32' Roadster, Ford 33' 3W Coupe and more... See Lazze photo gallery in the main menu.

Here in USA about 50% o the students are pure amateurs and 50% pofessionals but to remember all of them learned a lot in the classes, even people who built Hot Rods for over 30 years as a professional.

We would like to help you to achieve your dreams when it comes to producing your own custom parts, or your customers' parts, in a more efficient way or maybe your own Hot Rod body, airplane, art stuff or what ever you can imagine... We can provide the tools and machines for you as well as the training.

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