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#5 DVD Video How to make an Aluminum scoop

From Lazze Inc.

#5 DVD Video How to make an Aluminum scoop.

In this video LAZZE show you how to make an Aluminum scoop.
Why an aluminum scoop? Many people don't like working with aluminum and neither did Lazze in the beginning.
When you work with different materials you learn something new and when you go back to steel you can feel and understand the difference in each material better. Many people over the years have asked Lazze, ” How can I be as good as you at Metal Shaping? “ Lazze answers; “Make as many different panels and parts and in different materials as you can and you will learn so much more.”
 If you make a habit of doing metal shaping one hour each day for 1- 1/1/2 years you will remember what you did; both right and wrong, and by learning from both you will move forward. It’s like everything else, to be good at anything you must practice and practice but you can make shortcuts too. If you learn from somebody that is really good at metal shaping you can save years of time instead of having to learn everything by yourself. Time: 51:57

 Only  $89.00
SKU: 1_104
#5 DVD Video How to make an Aluminum scoop
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