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#4 DVD Video How to make a Motor cycle fender

From Lazze Inc.

#4 DVD video, How to make a Motor cycle fender.

This new Lazze Video provides you with specific step-by-step instruction on how to make a Motorcycle fender which can also be used for a Hotrod Fender. The principles for both parts are the same. Although you may think that a motor cycle fender is something that you don’t need to know how to make, we, at Lazze Inc., can assure you that the process of making a motorcycle fender will provide you with the best way to learn how to use the English Wheel and the Shrink/Stretcher. Over the years, Lazze has taught over 1600 students from all over the world how to shape metal and it is his experience that when you learn to make this fender with his personal technique, every other project you undertake which requires you to use the English wheel and the Shrink/Stretcher will be much easier to do. Lazze likes to compare the Motorcycle fender to riding a bike…”most of us learned to ride a bike many years ago and even though we may not have done it lately, we don’t forget how... we can still jump on a bike and pedal away. The Motorcyle Fender holds the same principle for Metal Shaping …once you learn how to make it, the technique will be the same each time you use the English Wheel.” Students who have taken the Step 1 Metal Shaping course with Lazze will call him after 1-1/2 to 2 years to sign up for the Step 2 class. With no practice in between the classes these same students can be back on track on the English Wheel within 15-20 minutes because they remember the fundamentals they learned in constructing the Motorcycle Fender. This video is one of many from the Lazze’s Technique in Metal Shaping Video Series. The techniques taught by Lazze will assist you with your pursuit of mastering your Metal Shaping skills.
Time 1:47:00

 Only  $89.00
SKU: 10-103
#4 DVD Video How to make a Motor cycle fender
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