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#2 DVD Video Secrets in Metal shaping Shrink/stretcher

From Lazze Inc.

In this video, Lazze shows you his Secrets in Metal shaping when he uses his Twin and Pro Shrink/stretcher. He also shows you his special tools, and his tricks and tips on how to use those. He also shows you how to start a project using layouts. 

He begins this video by teaching you, in a Step-by-Step fashion, how you can take control over the sheet. There are four elements that are going to change the way you look at metal shaping. Remember, in metal shaping you can do four things, you can cut, bend, shrink and stretch, when you do one or more of those four elements in combination you can control the sheet. If you do exactly as he shows you on these videos, you will have the same result, that’s for sure and it’s a guaranty. When begin to take control over the sheet you begin to master the skills of Metal shaping and you will be able to create anything you want from a flat sheet of metal.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the deep shrinker and stretcher 4:20 min
Chapter 1 : How to shrink in the pie shape 8:20
Chapter 2 : How to stretch up material if you've shrunk too much 5:34
Chapter 3 : How to change the end of a bead in the shrinker and stretcher 4:51
Chapter 4 : How you can fix mistakes with the shrinler and stretcher 2:08
Chapter 5 : The small shrinker and stretcher explained 7:43
Chapter 6 : How to use the small shrinker and stretcher 9:27
Chapter 7 : Why you shouldn't stretch aluminum 9:04
Chapter 8 : How to put together two pieces of a car for welding 6:42
Chapter 9 : How to use Lazze's special hammer 10:06
Chapter 10 : What you can do to the end of a bead 2:11
Chapter 11 : Lazze shows us the Swedish magic plier 3:14
Chapter 12 : Lazze shows us the vice grips 3:25
Chapter 13 : How to adjust the panel on the sandbag 4:03
Chapter 14 : What to think about when welding panels 5.34
Chapter 15 : Lazze shows us some good dollies to have in your shop 2:02
Chapter 16 : Lazze shows us the hand snips 12:09
Chapter 17 : Lazze shows us the combination tool 1:13
Chapter 18 : What to think about when making a car body 14:25
Chapter 19 : How to start laying out any parts 8:44
Chapter 20 : How to start laying out any parts, continued 4:19
Chapter 21 : How to use the electrical shear 5:22

 Only  $129.00
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DVD Video Secrets in Metal shaping Shrink/stretcher
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