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#1 DVD Video Secrets in Metal shaping English Wheel

From Lazze Inc.

DVD #1 Secrets in Metal shaping, English Wheel.

On this video Lazze shows you his Secrets in Metal shaping when he uses his English Wheel.
This video includes the same material as he teaches in his Step 1 Hands-on classes.

He begins this video by teaching you, in a Step-by-Step fashion, how you can take control over the sheet. There are four elements that are going to change the way you look at metal shaping. Remember, in metal shaping you can do four things, you can cut, bend, shrink and stretch, when you do one or more of those four elements in combination you can control the sheet. If you do exactly as he shows you on these videos, you will have the same result, that’s for sure and it’s a guaranty. When begin to take control over the sheet you begin to master the skills of Metal shaping and you will be able to create anything you want from a flat sheet of metal.

Table of Contents
Introduction to the english wheel 7:50min
Chapter 1 : English wheel: controlling the sheet 9:49
Chapter 2 : How to be succesful in the english wheel 10:09
Chapter 3 : How to correct a panel that's been wheeled too much 10:58
Chapter 4 : How to correct a sheet if you've gone too far with a flat wheel 1:30
Chapter 5 : Why we wheel in a diamnd shape on the english wheel 10:34
Chapter 6 : How to check a panel with an aluminum ruler 3:20
Chapter 7 : What you can do other than just wheeling up a crown 4:59
Chapter 8 : How to use a rubber band on the english wheel 11:09
Chapter 9 : How to use the english wheel a little different 11:02
Chapter 10 : How to use the bottom wheel to bend the metal 1:41
Chapter 11 : How to bend an inner curve in the english wheel 17:45
Chapter 12 : How to fix a mistake from the beadroller in the english wheel 2:22
Chapter 13 : How to wheel up a rounder bead in the english wheel 8:24
Chapter 14 : Something to not do in the english wheel 2:42

 Only  $129.00
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DVD Video Secrets in Metal shaping English Wheel
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