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Step 2 (5-Day Class)

From Lazze Inc.

Step 2, is a 5 day class, we making a car body, max 4 students in the class, quality is important in the education: We don't alowe people to come in and take the step 2 class without have taken the step 1 class.

We pick a different car body every year, so far we have built 1932 Ford Roadster, 1933 Ford 3W Coupe, AC-Cobra, Willys 41" and more.

  • 2012 we going to build 1933 Ford 3W Coupe body and then later 33 Roadster body with even some inner structure like door frames, door jams etc. Both in steel.
  • Then later 2012 we probably going to build 1932 5W Coupe body in steel and a Front Engine dragster body in Aluminum that's whats on the list for 2012.

In the class you'll learn how to start a project, how to do the layout, how to make templates, learn how to make left and right side symmetrical, learn to put all of the parts together to a car body and learn what to look for to have the whole body to look right. In the class we using the English Wheel, Bead roller and the Shrink/Stretcher and some handtools.

All bodies and everything you make will start from flat sheet and we using the same tool/machines as in the step 1 class.
You must have taken the Step 1 class before you can go to Step 2 class.
Price for the class $500/day. Total Price $2500

Class start at 8.00am and ends 5.00-5.30pm each day.


 Only  $2,500.00
Step 2 (5-day class)

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