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Step 1 (3-Day Class)

From Lazze Inc.

Step 1, is a 3-days class, max 5 students in the class, quality is important in the education:

  • LAZZE Wheel: You will be making a motorcycle fender, aluminum scoop, door skin, side for a motorcycle tank and other parts
  • Bead Roller: You will be making a rear quarter panel, cowl panel and other 1934 Ford parts, 1932 Ford Roadster Dashboard
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Tool: This tool will be used in conjunction with the Lazze Wheel and Bead Roller.

This is parts that YOU making and if you want, you can keep all the parts that you make in the Step 1 class. Price for the class $500/day. Total Price $1500

Class start at 8.00am and ends 5.00-5.30pm each day.


 Only  $750.00
Step 1 (3-day class)
/ 50%Deposit
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