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#13-137 Bead Roller Dies Special Ford 33-34

From Lazze Inc.

#13-137 Bead Roller Dies Special Ford 33-34
  • Bead Roller dies Special for Ford 33-34

Used on the panel behind the trunk lid and on the last corner on the rearquarter panel.
Can also be used on the belt line for a 40-41 Willys coupe and for other applications.
ID = 20mm
Made for a Bead roller with around 50mm (2") between the shafts when they're parallel center to center shaft.

Fits LAZZE's Bead Roller or a machine with 20mm shafts.


 Only  $158.00
SKU: 13-137
Bead Roller Dies Special for Ford 33-34
/ Pair

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