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LAZZE's Car Body Series, DVD Pkg # 1-2-3

From Lazze Inc.

LAZZE's Car Body Series,         DVD Pkg # 1-2-3

LAZZE's Car Body Series. DVD Pkg #1-2-3
'33-'34 Ford 3W Coupe, Cowl Panel, Rear Quarter Panel, Rear Panel and Firewall.

LAZZE's Car Body Series teaches you how to build the body for a '33-'34 3W Coupe from flat sheet metal.
Each DVD in the series covers one or two body panels and shows you each step of LAZZE's technique to make all the panels for a car body.
Over the years many people have asked Lazze the same qestions," Can you show me how to build a car body?" his answer is "Yes, I can"
In this video you'll learn how to start from scratch with existing body as a template.
Lazze will show you. step-by-step, how to do the layout for the project; the templates and how to start with the right size sheet before you can cut the panel.
While this video shows the techniques and is specific to a '33-'34 3W Coupe these same technique can be applied to any body.

Let Lazze share his experience and help you develop the skill required to be a Master Metal Shaper.
You save $28 when you order the package.

DVD Video Pkg #1-2-3 Total Time: 4:09:26

 Only  $239.00
SKU: 10-111
LAZZE's Car Body Series, DVD Video Pkg,Cowl Panel, Rearquarter Panel, Rear panel & Firewall
/ Set

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