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LAZZE's Car Body Series, DVD Video #1 Cowl Panel

From Lazze Inc.

LAZZE's Car Body Series, DVD Video #1 Cowl Panel

LAZZE's Car Body Series.

'33-'34 Ford Three Window Coupe, Cowl Panel.

LAZZE's Car Body Series teaches you how to build the body for a '33-'34 3W Coupe from flat sheet metal. Each DVD in the series covers one or two body panels and shows you each step of LAZZE's technique.

Over the years many people have asked Lazze the same qestions;
" Can you show me how to build a car body?" his answer is "Yes, I can"

In this video you'll learn how to start from scratch with existing body as a template. Lazze will show you, step-by-step, how to do the layout for the project; the templates and how to start with the right size sheet before you can cut the panel. While this video shows the techniques and is specific to a '33-'34 3W Coupe these same technique can be applied to any body.

Let Lazze share his experience and help you develop the skill required to be a Master Metal Shaper.

Total Time: 1:45:49

 Only  $89.00
SKU: 10-108
DVD #1 Cowl Panel, '33-'34 Ford 3W Coupe
/ each

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