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LAZZE's English Wheel

Designed by Lazze Inc.

LAZZE's English wheel is design to shape the metal from the beginning without any pre-work in the sandbag. A solid construction is what you need to make a nice job and fast.
When you ones used one of LAZZE's English wheels you can feel and see the difference in quality and how fast it works!

Technical description:

  • Made of Heavy gauge High Tensil steel construction:
  • Use up to 3 mm / 12 gauge steel
  • Max. working depth: 700 mm / 27,5"
  • Work height: 1150 mm / 45"
  • Total height: 1460 mm / 57,5"
  • Width at floor: 650 mm / 25,5"
  • Length: 1030 mm / 40,5"

 Comes with Lazze's Wheeling Machine:

  • 4 Std replaceable lower wheels and 2 special offset wheel, Hardend
  • The Magic rubber band for use on the upper wheel.
  • The small schim to tilt the bottom wheel for special job.
  • 4 transport wheels for moving the Lazze's Wheel 
  • 1-Year Warranty

Designed and Mfg by Lazze

 Only  $5,249.00
SKU: 13-209
English Wheel
/ Each

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