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The Secrets in metal shaping Volume 2

From Lazze Inc.

This book, which is the third in a metal shaping education series from LAZZE provides you with a unique opportunity to learn through hands-on, step-by-step instruction.

  • 120 pages in full color step by step with text and pictures, how to master the Lazze techniques in Metal Shaping. You will be guided through each of the 7 chapters with explicit directions and easy to follow photo descriptions.

Contents included;

  • How to make a door skin or roof panel;
  • a rear quarter panel for a '33-'34 Ford;
  • '32 Ford Roadster dashboard;
  • a motorcycle half tank.
  • In this manual, Lazze also introduces you to working with aluminum in the construction of an aluminum scoop or "blister".
  • He also show you in one chapter when the '41 Willys Coupe was built in Sweden by students in the step 2 classes and Lazze's input on what to think about when you building your own car body from scratch.
  • The last chapter is on tools/machines, tips and tricks on what tools/machines Lazze found out that works, most came from Sweden.....

The metal shaping techniques taught by Lazze, coupled with his easy to follow instruction will provide you with a confidence to tackle any of your metal shaping projects.

This book is the second in the series, The Secrets in Metal Shaping. For additional instruction tips, consider purchasing Volume 1 as well.

 Only  $149.00
SKU: 11-103
The Secrets in metal shaping Volume 2
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