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The Secrets in metal shaping Volume 1

From Lazze Inc.

This book, which is the second in a metal shaping education series from LAZZE focuses on furthering your metal shaping education using the English Wheel, Bead Roller and Shrinker/Stretcher machines.

  • Lazze provides you with 106 pages and 7 chapters of full color, step-by-step instruction.
  • This manual will teach you the Metal shaping Secrets that's the necessary fundamentals in Metal shaping.
    Content included;
  • To wheel a hot rod or motorcyle fender;
  • Construct a Cowl Panel for a '33-'34 Ford Coupe,
  • A Rear Panel for a '33-'34 Ford Coupe,
  • '32 rear inner fender
  • A Fender Flare for a '35-'40 Ford.

This manual also allows you to experience the process of building a 1932 Ford Roadster body from Lazze's perspective. The metal shaping techniques taught by Lazze, coupled with his easy to follow instruction will provide you with a confidence to tackle any of your metal shaping projects.

This book is the first of two in the series, The Secrets in Metal Shaping. For additional instruction tips, consider purchasing Volume 2 as well.

 Only  $149.00
SKU: 11-102
The Secrets in metal shaping Volume 1
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