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Bead roller manual

From Lazze Inc.

This book, which is the first in a metal shaping education series from LAZZE focuses on what you can do with the Bead Roller.

  • It has 150 pages in full color, has basic chapters and more advanced chapters,
  • In the end of the manual you can see over 248 different combinations of dies from 20 pairs of dies, each combination can be adjusted 20-25 more times in Lazze's Bead Roller,
  • It allows you to be able to make over 6000 different profiles on a sheet from 20 Pairs.

The author explains the advantages of the Lazze Bead Roller and gives lots of examples for practical use of all kinds of useful forms and shapes for the manufacturing of hot rods and bikes. Detailed instructions along with color photos accompany each step to ensure your own results. The book also contains a section with a comprehensive, very useful compilation of all combinations of different dies for your reference.


 Only  $185.00
SKU: 11-101
Bead roller Instruction manual
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